Sizz'lorr Deh'yo
<Witch Doctor of Deh'yo Tribe>
Character sizzlorr dehyo
Gender Male
Race 70 Troll Priest
Profession herbalism and alchemy
Mount Aloaki'shne (Kodo)

Background Edit

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Son of Jyhn'jin and Lin'jah, born only about a year before the sunkening of the island, Sizz'lorr has grown to a skillfull Shadow Priest and Witch Doctor as the tribes possibly last survivor. Without hardly getting to know neither his tribe nor his parents, most of his information about the Deh'yo Tribe is gathered from rumours and mouth-to-mouth conversations. Despite this, it is his destiny, now when Sinji'ha has been killed, to find and re-unite the tribe. The epic quest has however proved to be less successfull than hoped for, and the progress so far is non-existant.

The tales of Sizz'lorr in his journey to find his tribe has been spread around the corners of Azeroth, and his efforts to gain a name for himself from different factions all over the continents has shown off as many know of him, yet no-one seem to know about any of his lost tribe members.

Witch Doctor Edit

Being the, possibly, sole survivor of the Deh'yo Tribe, and being devoted to the voodoo magics, Sizz'lorr carries the role as the tribe Witch Doctor. With years of dedication Sizz'lorr has finetuned the skills in potion and elixir brewing and emphased heavily on the forceful magic of the shadows.

Mastering alchemy since early days, mixing the magics of herbs with the shadowy voodoo powers of nature has never been unfamiliar to Sizz'lorr. Recently through a blessing from Tak'zar, Sizz'lorr has gained the ability to use the Totem of Spirits, a motivating device and a channeler of the spirits of the Loa. Following the strict clothing rules for Witch Doctors, Sizz'lorr always appear in his Bad Mojo Mask and a set of robes.

Culture, Religion and Beliefs Edit

Main article: Deh'yo Tribe

Sizz'lorr is a follower of the culture inheritated from the Deh'yo Tribe, assembled by several tribe cultures merged together. It consists of the, according to other races and recently also the Darkspear Trolls, more savage traditions and rituals. The more "pacifistic" ways of the Darkspear Trolls are quite contrary to the beliefs and the traditions of his tribe. Sizz'lorr does not have much in common or care much for the Darkspear Trolls or cowardly orcs followed by overly charismatic Thrall.

Tak'zar Edit

Tak'zar is a Loa god, the God of Balance. Tak'zar watches over troll priests in their early states of training into the powers of shadow and light. Eventually a priest has to choose their way of focusing their powers, and most chose between the Shadow and the Light. The third choice, a combination of Shadow and Light however, is the one Tak'zar watches over. A balance between the corrupting shadows and the zealotric light is the only one to stay in balance and not darken ones soul.

When a priest is fully able to embrace the shadows enough while still staying true to the nature of balance, an avatar of Tak'zar will appear at the believing priest to follow the priest. The immortal avatar of Tak'zar takes its shape as the green marsh frog, a creature able to survive in any enviroment, balancing water life with land life, life in the trees with life in swamps, the true creature of balance.

Aloaki'shne Edit

The gray kodo Aloaki'shne is not a full grown kodo trained by the Tauren trainers, but rather still a calf who was wild until recently. When Sizz'lorr encountered Aloaki'shne he began a mental war, trying to bend the calf's will to enslavement. After several hours of heavy mind game the calf was finally bended and has ever since been a (forcefully) loyal mount. As kodos are mighty beasts, the enslavement required to shift Aloaki'shne half into the shadows to weaken him. This has left a purple shadowy glow and transparency around him, additionally, this stopped his growth and he's doomed to stay a calf forever.

Wozzni Edit

After first entering The Dark Portal to the Outland, Sizz'lorr encountered a troll from the Shadowmoon Village, whom was saved in a dire situation. As a way of repaying the debt he promised to capture a Wyvern and chain it in shadows. After quite some time of work, the wyvern Wozzni was ready to be flewn and Sizz'lorr has been flying it since. Due to the strong powers from the Netherstorm chaining it in shadows, Wozzni cannot leave Outland more than a short distance into the Twisting Nether surronding it.

Neddie Edit

Neddie is the small Netherwing whelp that hatched from an egg Iinileh found a few years ago. The netherwing befriended her like a child to its mother, and has been a loyal noncombatant in her adventures since, studying the enviroment and learning about the world.

Due to a rift in time, most likely caused by the Infinite Dragons, Neddie accidently traveled back in time from the future, thus allowing his presence in this world to be duplicated. He now exists both as the whelp he should be on Azeroth, still following Iinileh, but also as a full-grown dragon in Outland. Because of this duplicate existance, the two entieties of him cannot ever meet.