Plunda Klub Wiki

The Plunda Klub Wiki is a wiki focused on the modified lore world of warcraft created by current or past members of the Role Playing community called Plunda Klub on the World of Warcraft server The Venture Co.

The lore represented in articles, on character and guild pages et cetera is not official Blizzard lore, but player created lore. The player added lore itself should be viewed as additions to Blizzard's (current) Warcraft Lore and not as replacing it.

Also how can you people drink SO much beer!?

Plunda Klub is:

  • a community for Role Players who don't want to leave their guild (and guild identity) to be able to raid.
  • the evolution of the SerpentusMarauders community, which was created by several role playing guilds forging together to be able to raid the end game.
  • consisting of players from all sizes and types of guilds, from one man guilds via big roleplaying guilds to the hardcore raiding guilds.
  • a friendly community with a casual view on players' choices for their characters, from unusual talent builds to Piftels legendary poor quality hat.
  • always looking for more roleplayers to join the ranks.

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