Iinileh Silkhair
<Mistress of Til Death do us Unite>
Character iinileh silkhair
Gender Female
Race 40 Blood Elf Priest
Profession enchanting and tailoring
Pet Neddie (Netherwhelp)
Mount Duncan (Undead Horse)

Background Edit

Over 2800 years ago, Iinileh Silkhair began her life with her mother in Silvermoon in Quel'Thalas, as proud members of the Quel'dorei, the Highborne. Her father was one of the few skillful mages who traveled to Strom to teach the selected humans the art of magic, though when back home and calling in the rain of fire his position as one of the elves on the very front endangered him and eventually led to his death to trolls in the end of the war agains the Forest Trolls. Iinileh's mother, who were a member of the Council of Silvermoon, later became a part of the Council of Tirisfal.

During Iinileh's first thousand of years, she always stayed in Quel'Thalas, since she wasn't of the adventuring kind. Five years ago the scourge, led by Arthas, attacked Silvermoon and destroyed both the city and the sacred Sunwell. Iinileh's mother died during the attack, after having guarded the Sunwell into the very last moment. Iinileh became crazed and lost her mind into madness when she saw her mother being killed, and she somehow managed to flee the city after rampaging through the undead forces.

After this event, Iinileh is haunted by short periods of becrazed behaviour, which become blank moments in her memory when she snaps out of it. Her subconscious however remembers the whole blackout, leaving Iinileh to remember and know things she doesn't know where they come from. Fleeing from Silvermoon, she joined to fight in one of the Alliance resistance forces, led by Kael'thas. Thus, she was among the first forces naming themselves Blood Elves. While Kael'thas and most of his followers joined Illidan and the naga to gain the power they needed after the tainting of the Sunwell, Iinileh in a crazed moment got lost from the forces.

After the scourge left Qual'Thalas she travelled back there and met more Blood Elves, dedicated to bring up Silvermoon to it's former glory. Iinileh has been living there ever since, but as the new Council of Silvermoon decided to join the Horde in their hunt for magic to fill their needs, Iinileh decided to leave the safe residence in Silvermoon and persue adventure on her own, following her old leader - Sylvanas Windrunner, uniting with the undead forsaken.