Gruuls lair - maulgar

High King Maulgar comes with four adds; A Priest, Warlock, Mage and Shaman. They should be killed one by one in that order.

Blindeye the Seer (Priest)Edit

Tanked by 1 Warrior, healed by 3 healers (shared with those on the Warlock). Blindeye is not immune to Silence effects. Curse of Tongues affects Blindeye's casting times.


Interruptable. A basic heal which easily can be interrupted, and should.

Prayer of HealingEdit

Interruptable. He shields himself and starts casting this heal, which, if it goes off, will heal all his friends with about 33% of their life. He cannot be interrupted when the shield is up, so either DPS it down (in about 4-5 seconds), or have a silence effect cast on him (e.g. the priest spell Silence ignores the shield).

Olm the Summoner (Warlock)Edit

Tanked by 2 Warriors (or 1 warrior and 1 of his, enslaved, summoned Felhound), healed by 3 healers (shared with those on the Priest.

Summon FelhoundEdit

60 seconds cooldown, cast first time when aggroed. Can be enslaved and used to tanking Olm with in case of low amount of warriors. Warriors are better tanks for this encounter however.

Death CoilEdit

Fear and deals 2000 damage to the Main Tank, also heals for 4000 HP. This is where the second tank taunts to get aggro.

Dark DecayEdit

Stacking DoT doing 500 dmg every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. The dispel on the enslaved summoned Felhounds can remove this effect to save the healers some mana.

Krosh Firehand (Mage)Edit

Tanked by 1 Mage (with high stamina and at least around +15% to arcane spell hit), only one healer is needed.

Fire Ward ShieldEdit

Spellstealable. Reduces fire damage. This shield has to be spellstealed by the Mage tanking him. A second priest should be ready to heal as a support in case of the spellsteal being resisted (but should be avoided by around +15% arcane to hit.


Uninterruptable spell doing 9000 damage. He casts it every 3-5 seconds. Damage is lowered by the spellstolen Fire Ward Shield.


7000 damage every 10-15 seconds, 20 yards range. This is the reason you keep him at range from the rest of the raid, the mage tanking him doesn't have to be under 20 yards range and won't get damaged by this spell.

Kiggler the Crazed (Shaman)Edit

Tanked by 2 hunters/shaman (or a Moonkin druid, or basicly anyone with enough Nature Resist), healed by one healer.


Polymorphes the MT. The second tank should take aggro while the MT is polymorphed, this does not apply on Moonkin druids since they're immune.

Lighting BoltEdit

1000-1500 Nature damage. He chaincasts it on the current aggroholder.

Knockback (AoE)Edit

2500 Damage, 10 Yards range. Doesn't matter since you're tanking him from 20yds away.

High King MaulgarEdit

Tanked by one warrior (plus one Offtank in Phase II), healed by 3-4 healers.

Arcing SmashEdit

Same as Cleave, hits for 6000-12000 on plate.


Does 7000 dmg on plate and will probably kill any cloth-wearer on his way. Some bossmods may warn you just a few seconds before he does it but melee DPS should be very cautious here and DPS only for 15 seconds after he finished it.

Phase II - Enrage at 30%Edit

Fear (AoE)Edit

Short range, will probably only affect people in melee and you should have an offtank waiting in the raid to get him back to his spot after he charges.


Charge a non-feared target, this is where your offtank is useful, bring him back to the tanking spot before he's got time to whirlwind in the middle of your healers.



  • The mage tanking Krosh Firehand should place himself completely to the right and move straight forward. Just in front of Krosh Firehand there's a slight "clip" and that is where you should stand before the pull takes place. Be sure not to move too close to the "clip" or you will aggro the room. A good reference point can be used just before the clip, there is a portion of the wall to your right that makes a "corner" that is a safe reference point stay at when preparing for the pull.
    When High King Maulgar gets aggroed you shoot any instant-spell you have (fire blast, PoM pyro) at Krosh Firehand and spellsteal his shield immediately afterwards. Positioning Krosh is easy. When you aggro him, he will run to you until he is right next to you, then he will stay at that point and fireball you. Make sure that you position him in the far right corner so the raid does not have to worry about the flame wave ability. This is easily done by running to the corner after a fireblast and just waiting until he gets to you and then blinking to get out of the range of the flame wave.
  • High King Maulgar gets pulled to the other side of where he's standing. He remains all time of the fight on his position.
  • As for Olm the Summoner, the warriors and the warlocks run straight to him, but beware of the Blastwave of Krosh Firehand. He should be tanked in the back of the room.
  • Kiggler the Crazed can be tanked by a combination of two hunters or two warlocks who are siphon life/drain tanking him. Alternatively he can be tanked by a moonkin druid because of the immunity to polymorph.
  • Blindeye the Seer has to be pulled in the way of the entrance. Warriors and other melee are on the Priest doing damage.



  1. Blindseye the Seer (Priest): The shield has to go down quickly and the heal interrupted, as the interrupt tries when the shield is up will only be absorbed. Silence effects like the priest spell will go straight through the shield though. About 2-4 shields will be up before he dies.
  2. Olm the Summoner (Warlock): Both Melee and Ranged DPS should nuke Olm down quickly.
  3. Krosh Firehand (Mage): Only Ranged DPS should focus on Krosh. Healers may take this chance to regenerate some mana before the Maulgar fight. The only real threat from Krosh is his AoE Blastwave, be careful walking/running past him.
  4. Kiggler the Crazed (Shaman): Both Melee and Ranged DPS can fight this fight, Kiggler do AoE though so the meleers will need healing. Free healers from previous adds may go ahead to help in the Maulger fight.
  5. High King Maulger: When all four adds are down, healers and caster DPS should regenerate some mana before engaging in the fight. Melee DPS should wait until his first Whirlwind attack ends, when they can engaging in the fight for about 30 seconds before leaving melee area to avoid the next Whirlwind attack. Ranged and Caster DPS can engage the fight as soon as they want.
    In preperation for Phase II: Enrage at 30%, everyone should spread out to avoid wipe when a Charge hits during a Whirlwind. Free tanks should position themselves among the DPSers. Maulgar isn't untankable, but during the enrage phase he's pretty unstable. The tanks spread out among the DPSers should bring him back to his position quickly.


  • 1 healer for Shaman tanks (Paladin/Shaman preferingly)
  • 2 healers for Priest & Warlock tanks (Priest tank requires only HoT, Warlock requires more focus due to Death Coil).
  • 1-2 healers for Mage tank (Priest and a Paladin/Shaman)
  • 2-3 healers for Maulgar tanks

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