Gruuls lair - gruul



Increases damage done by 15% every 30 seconds, size increased by 10%, can stack up to 30 times.

Hurtful StrikeEdit

Occasionally hits the second highest aggro. An offtank is needed to mitigate this, 12350-13650 physical damage.


AoE Silence (4 seconds) on a random timer. Unlimited range.

Cave InEdit

Random AoE which causes ~3000 damage every 3 seconds in the area. This occurs more frequently in later stages. This counts as melee damage and can be mitigated by armor. Growth also affects Cave In. Look like a blizzard but with stones, and it can move a little. There is always one up throughout the fight, just move away if it's on you.


Phase I - Ground SlamEdit

First spell of a chain. Gruul will slam the ground and knockback every player in a random direction (20-40yds). Once landed, everyone will have to spread out immediately.

Phase II - Gronn Lord's GraspEdit

Second spell of a chain. Stacking debuff after a Ground slam that reduces movement speed by 20% per stack. Stacks 5 times. After 5 secs it causes Stoned. Players must space out between each other during these 5 seconds to avoid the effects of Shatter. Goal is 15 yds from the nearest player.

Phase III - StonedEdit

Third spell of a chain. Everyone is stunned. Followed immediately by Shatter.

Phase IV - ShatterEdit

Foruth and final spell of a chain. After being Stoned, Gruul will shatter everyone. The damage dealt is proximity based. If 2 or more players are 0yds between each other, the damage dealt will be around 9000. The more apart players are, the less damage is taken - no damage will be taken if players are 15yds away or more. Pets (but not totems) couts as players in regards of if they do damage or not.

Preperation and In-fight NotesEdit

Before FightEdit

  • Amplify Magic: All attacks in this fight are considered physical (cave in and shatter too), thus there are no negative side effects to Amplify Magic. It should be cast on everyone, or at least those who will be healed.
  • Gate: The gate closes when Gruul is aggroed, so everyone should be beyond it to prevent being locked out of the fight.


  • Main Tank should tank Gruul in the middle of the room.
  • Offtank should start building aggro immediately to intercept all Hurtful Strikes.
  • DPS position according to above diagram, and start DPSing. Hunter's Misdirection can help tank build aggro initially.

Avoiding ShatterEdit

  • Pets: Pets are affected by Shatter effect, and should be avoided (or positioned well). Totems and Phased Imps are not affected.
  • Terrain: Along the walls there are poles and rocks that could allow long-range DPS to avoid knockback effect, spreading out will become easier if some take advantage of this. The knockback only works if the player is in Line of Sight from Gruul. Seeing castbar on Gruul could help detecting "Ground Slam", step one in Shatter chain.



After a Ground Slam, the MT must reposition Gruul to the center of the room. It is also crucial that the OT runs back into melee range before any other melee classes. Failure to do so results in other melee classes becoming potential targets for Hurtful Strike. Having tanks use Intercept usually ensures they will be the first to go back into Gruul's Melee range.


As a healer, try keeping the two tanks as close to full HP as possible. This is particularly relevant for the OT in late stages of the encounter. There are two moments during the encounter when the two tanks are at their most vulnerable: immediately after a "Reverberation", as described above, and after a Shatter. After a Shatter, tanks may have taken damage from other players, while many healers could be out of position, or out of range of the tanks. If you are in range of the tanks after a Shatter, heal them, even if they are not in your group. In the late stages of the encounter, prioritize the tanks at all costs. A Renew or Regrowth is enough for a DPS class to get back to full HP before the next Shatter or Cave In.

Melee DPSEdit

It is important for melee DPS to spread out to avoid multiple players being hit by the same Cave In. Gruul has a very large hitbox that allows for 5 melee classes to spread out around him when standing at maximum melee range. Raid groups with more melee are still viable, but Cave Ins in melee range become more frequent, and require readjusting as well as more healing. Remember that, as a melee class, your aggro should not exceed that of the OT, and you should never run ahead of the off-tank either during the initial pull, or after a Shatter.

Ranged DPSEdit

As a ranged DPS class your aggro can exceed that of the OT, as Hurtful Strike will only target a class in melee range. Especially for players with talents that allow them to stand at 41 yards from the target, picking an obstacle to stand behind during the Ground Slam, and announcing it at the beginning of the raid, is very important.

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