General InformationEdit

  • There is neither a key nor any attune to enter Gruul's Lair
  • To enter one needs to be at least level 65 (though 70 is recommended as the mobs are 70+) and in a raid
  • Instance reset timer is set on 1 week
  • Player limit is set to 25
  • Loot can be found on



Trash MobsEdit

Lair BruteEdit

  • Immune to snares and stuns.
  • Does a 180 degree Cleave
  • Charge: Randomly charge raid members out of melee range. Attack also dumps aggro.

Raid should group up right behind him and tank should face him away from the raid.

Gronn PriestEdit

  • Immune to Silence
  • Heal: Heals for around 50%, can be interrupted.
  • Psychic Scream: AoE fear like the priest spell.
  • Renew: HoT for around 10k per second. Stealable and purge/dispelable

Should Be fought like most other spellcasting mobs.