<Inmate #352 of Plunder Club>
Character gir
Gender Male
Race 33 Gnome Mage
Profession enchanting and alchemy
Pet Whiskers (Rat)

Case File Summary: Inmate #352 Edit

Inmate #352, an extraordinary short gnome, was a former intern at the Azeroth Asylum. According to the old records from when the inmate became registred at the asylum he was lacking ID and couldn't answer questions regarding his background. No family or relatives has been connected to him. He refers to himself often in third person calling himself simply Gir, nothing more nor nothing less, no records of a gnome his age being named Gir does however exist. He was hospitalized over 40 years ago and has during his visit proved no mental progress, beliving his mental age to have stopped even before he was attained, when his age was estimated to be around his fifties.

A few years ago a rat was spotted inside the inmate's isolated cell. The cell was searched for proof of how the rat could have gain entrance but without any success (for full report, see Securty Issue #57AD3F-1). Despite both the Asylum disabling all arcane usage within it's walls and the inamate lacking powers in the field of the Arcane, testing has shown the rat to have been affected by arcane powers turning it's fur white. Even when removing the rat from the inmates presence the rat constantly managed to end up with him again. The inmate has proved to enable his communicating with others in the presence of the rat, thus the rat was allowed in his cell as part of his rehabilitation (ref Rehabilitation Report #2AA5-2B).

The inmate has shown tendencies toward several forms of reality disorders. Among troubles to, in several cases, differ himself from others he also has proven to lack a sense of continuity in his existence. Repeatedly the inmate has demonstrated lack of control over both his body and mind, as well as an inability to control his voice communicating. Tests has shown that it is likely he not only hear voices and tries to communicate with them, but also that he is spending alot of his time not actually living in this reality at all. The arcane powers he recently have proved to have is not any that can be called to be controlled, but rather they seem to be acting out completely without the inmate's knowledge at times. The usage of the Arcane from the inmate's side has been spontanious and the complexity of the spells used have differed from close to none to highly advanced.

The inmate's current whereabouts are unknown as he successfully managed to, together with his rat, escape from the prison without leaving any trace, except a trail of arcane crystallizations inside his cell and outside the Asylum's walls. The escapee is reported to last have been seen in his cell, wearing his asylum clothes as ususal, when the room suddenly shine up in an arcane light. When the first Asylum attendant managed to burst the door open, the cell was empty and nothing but tiny arcane crystallizations was shattered into the walls. The inmate, and his rat, is still belived to be at large, and agents have been sent out to search for them and bring him back to the Asylum, so far without success.