Rise of the TribeEdit

Decades ago, there were a group of exlied trolls from the Sandfury Tribe in Tanaris who roamed the desert without any steady place to live. One day the troll Jyhn'jin Hardtusk took the leadership and decided their group should have a village and stop the nomadic behaviour. Shortly later, the village Deh'yo was founded on the small island Linj'hi on the eastern coast of the Tanaris desert.

By the founding of the village, the inhabitants became an own tribe, from then on known as the Deh'yo Tribe. As the tribe members mainly was exiles from the Sandfury Tribe by various reasons, new society rules were set up by Jyhn'jin and Lin'jah, his right hand.

The tribe lived on in prosperity for many hundreds of years, as exiles from other tribes heard of its existance and was welcomed, allowing the tribe to live on as the village grew. During all these years the island Linj'hy suffered from disturbances in the waters, creating storms and eartshakes that haunted the tribe. The threat from this was however never big enough to make them flee their village.

Fall of the VillageEdit

Some twenty years ago, the greatest disturbance in Linj'hy took place. After the storm the island tilted and started to slowly sink. They tried to flee from the island, but many tribe members was lost or died during the sunkening, including Jyhn'jin himself.

As many of the Tribe Elders, and the Tribe Leader, was lost or died, the tribe were on the brink of doom. It was at this time the seer Sinji'ha Blueback decided to be in charge. He shamelessly killed Lin'jah during her weakest moment. The tribe was now small, weak, and lead by the old Sinji'ha. His lust for power increased in the same pace as his paranoia grew. He led the tribe to their doom by accusing everyone who could prove dangerous of him as traitors, and had them killed.

Many flew the tribe and as the Darkspear Tribe welcomed them, most of the trolls presumingly joined their ranks. It was said that as long as Sinji'ha was alive, the tribe would be no more.


A few years ago, Sinji'ha was found and killed by the Sandfury Trolls in Zul'Farrak. This enabled the son of Jyyn'jin, Sizz'lorr Deh'yo, to start an epic quest to bring the tribe together again. After these recent years of searching through almost all grounds on Azeroth and very recently also the Outland, the successs still shines with it's absence.

Society and CultureEdit


Cannibalism has earned a bad name among the other races of Azeroth, and sometimes even despied by other trolls. The actual reasons are unknown, but it coud be easy to speculate. For instance, many woud think troll cannibalism is the same as undead cannibalism; eating a fallen enemy to simply refill ones energies to be ready for more fighting. However, this is not how troll cannibalism is. It is way older, and is/was only performed on tribe members. The 'rule' was that when a fellow tribe member fell in combat, his soul and body should be saved, and not leaved on the raging battleground. Instead of carrying off his lifeless body, trolls used a different means. They consumed the troll by eating, not ate it whole and to its bones, but enough to both carry on the fallen troll's body inside themselves - still within the tribe, and to prevent their soul to stay in a dead body. The soul be partly transfered to the eating troll, to live on within another troll and still within the tribe. Cannibalism was never shun upon, it was looked upon with honor and glory in mind. Only recently it have fell back to the elders and the more savage tribes to continue this tradition, since somehow the more civilaized tribes now shun upon their old traditions.

The Female RoleEdit

Most are, nowadays, used to fight alongside women in battle, and it would seem reasonable as there are no real differences in strength or cunning between males and females. But it wasn't alwayus like that. In the older days, females had only one purpose in the tribes; to give birth and nurse baby trolls. Female trolls were never in battle, and they didn't even get training to survive in battle (as that would be a waste of resources). Only exceptions were some tribes who allowed females to train as Shadow Priests, but that was in a very small range and not praxis - but rather exeptions. Later though, most tribes have realized that females are as good potential fighters as the males; thus those who want to have been allowed to leave the village and fight for the tribe. This change was made many years ago, so many female trolls have had their training and have been fighting for many many years.

Baby trolls were raised in groups, with all baby trolls as their brothers and sisters instead of as in seperate families. This made almost all of the tribes female trolls their mothers, in one huge family - the tribe family - rather than seperate entieties. This is considered a way to strengthen the bound in the tribe and lower possabilties for splinters and fractions in the tribe.


Shadow PriestsEdit

Troll priests use the powers of 'divine magic', which practically means 'not the arcane magic', the strength in spells and magic comming from belief and faith. Divine magic is harder to master than the arcane one, and do not give as good rewards, though the corruption of magic isn't present in the same way. Troll priests aren't all about shadow as might be suggested by the commonly known term Shadow Priests, nor are they all about the holy powers of healing and cureing - it's all about balance. While warlocks are shun upon by most trolls for using demonic powers, which includes shadow spells, this isn't the same as priests' powers, just as a paladin's powers magic aren't of the same origins as the priests'.

As often refered to (partly by the Naaru), light cannot exist without shadow, and vice versa. The shadows and holy powers a priest use are nature's own forces of shadows and lights (thus 'Divine' and 'Holy' are bad categorizations). Shadow priests have the power to destroy, manipulate, cure and help minds - and all of it is encouraged to use instead of the priests lowering their abilities to half.

Mages (and Warlocks)Edit

Arcane powers have not been used for long withing troll societies, mostly because it's known what corrupting effects it can, and will, have. With trolls being around from before the Sundering of the World, arcane powers have yet been avoided for long. Recently, troll tribes have discovered that troll's resistance to the corrupting effects of the arcane powers make them actually very viable in the field of the arcane. Troll minds are stronger than many other races' minds and the abilities to adapt magic is higher. Mages are no longer looked down on, quite the contrary - they manage to keep the arcane magic, the strongest of them all, without falling for corruption.

And as for warlocks; since they (mostly and traditionally) are fallen mages, mages who fell into the arcane corruption, they're not common in any troll society, including the Deh'yo Tribe. To become a warlock as a troll, one would have to willingly choose it. With that not being allowed in most tribes (including both the Deh'yo Tribe and the Darkspear Tribe), they are very uncommon.

Headhunters (and Shamans)Edit

Headhunters has always been common among all troll tribes. It isn't as savage as it may sound, actual heads aren't hunted, they are merely collected afterwards. Just as the Orcs hunt beasts just to kill something, and just as the Tauren hunts just for the sake of the hunt, trolls hunts humanoids as it both is a bigger challenge and because, trolls mostly don't like other races (or other troll tribes).

A great hunter could be discovered by his necklace made of claws from beasts he'd slain, or his collection of furs and pelts from them, and similary you can see the success of a good Headhunter on his collection of shrunken heads. Recently however, quite suddenly actually, the Darkspear Tribe left their traditions in this field and adapted their hunters to the Horde way of hunting - for food, for fun and just to kill. They also changed targets to beasts instead of humanoids, and they learned to tame wild beasts. Thus the old headhunters now are regular hunters. Basicly, the same happened to the Shamans, most merged from being Witch Doctors in training to the orcish tradition of Totemic powers, and leaving the shadowy magic behind them.

Important Key FiguresEdit

Jyhn'jin HardtuskEdit

Exiled from the Sandfury Tribe, Jyhn'jin Hardtusk wasn't actually thrown out, but rather fled to keep himself alive. After intentionally ruining a ritual, a price was put on the heads of those participating and they were forced to flee the city without having a chance to look back. Several other Sandfury trolls disliking what their tribe had become, and in fear from what their leaders might do, followed Jyhn'jin out in the desert.

Suddenly there were several trolls roaming the Tanaris desert without any tribe or a real socieity. A long time passed until Jyhn'jin stepped up and lead the people to the island Linj'hi at the eastern coast of Tanaris. Together they buildt the Deh'yo Village on the island and created rules and traditions of their own, free from the zealotry and dogmatic behaviour the believers of evil gods have.

Jyhn'jin, together with Lin'jah, eventually had a son, who was named Sizz'lorr Deh'yo, after the village. Only a year later the sunkening of the island happened and Jyhn'jin was lost on the island, presumingly dead, after hard work of helping with rescuing tribe members to the mainland. Jyhn'jin's body was never found but is absence points to him having to pay his life to the waters.


Origins unknown, but her dark skin could possible come from being a darktroll, former member of the Shadowtooth Tribe. The reasons from being exiled are most likely a result of her own will to leave the tribe, rather than actually being thrown out. Somehow she came upon the Deh'yo villagers shortly after they had established their Tribe, and demanded to be able to prove her strength and endurance in a battle with the tribe's strongest warrior.

Shortly after her victory in the duel she was declared the Tribe Warlord and became in charge of the tribe's military tactics and resources. She was at seperate occasions challenged for her title, but never lost any duel, and kept her title until her death. Her life was quickly pulled from her when Sinji'ha in a frenzied moment killed her unfairly and cowardly in the process of trying to achieve more power and eliminating all competition.

Sinji'ha BluebackEdit

An half-blue half-white colored exlied ice troll all the way from the nation of Zul'Drak, Northrend. Sinji'ha was a member of the Winterax tribe, who traveled to the Eastern Kingdoms several years ago. Due to the commonly unfriendly attitude of most ice trolls little is known of the reasons for Sinji'ha's exile, as he himself refused to talk about it. Sinji'ha was, despite his aggresive attitude, quite successful as a seer. After a short time in the Deh'yo Tribe he was selected head seer of the Tribe and was considered one of the Tribe Elders.

Following the sunkening of the island and the death of several of the Tribe Elders, he decided that he'll take the pose as the new leader. Eliminating the only real competition, Lin'jah, when the tribe was weakened, he quickly managed to grab the leading spot. Despite the tribe not being very big at this time, it was enough to fuel his hunger for power, as he started eliminating the stronger tribe members as a result of his paranoia.

After the splittering of the tribe, Sinji'ha eventually became the only one still around, single handedly following and eliminating former members who could turn out to be a threat in the future. This hunt eventually lead him back into where most of the Deh'yo Tribe had fled from - Zul'Farrak, where he was mercilessly killed for being a member of the Deh'yo Tribe, as the Sandfury trolls knew nothing about his recent behaviour.

Sizz'lorr Deh'yoEdit

Character sizzlorr dehyo

Sizz'lorr on the Tanaris shore.

Main article: Sizz'lorr Deh'yo

Son of Jyhn'jin and Lin'jah, born only about a year before the sunkening of the island, Sizz'lorr has grown to a skillfull Shadow Priest and Witch Doctor as the tribes possibly last survivor. Without hardly getting to know neither his tribe nor his parents, most of his information about the Deh'yo Tribe is gathered from rumours and mouth-to-mouth conversations. Despite this, it is his destiny, now when Sinji'ha has been killed, to find and re-unite the tribe. The epic quest has however proved to be less successfull than hoped for, and the progress so far is non-existant.

The tales of Sizz'lorr in his journey to find his tribe has been spread around the corners of Azeroth, and his efforts to gain a name for himself from different factions all over the continents has shown off as many know of him, yet no-one seem to know about any of his lost tribe members.